uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i made a “new” layout :D

okay it is a new layout, but… not really THAT new. I made this layout for my ameblo…haha.

and.. I wanted a new one for xanga. kind of. So i went to my layouts for ameblo. Looking at 3 layouts. One. CNBLUE. Two. You’re Beautiful. Three. Junhyung. In the end. CNBLUE won :D

Im gonna miss Wonbin layout <3 hahaha.

Today, I have been watching. LOTS of Soul Eater episodes :)

Soul Eater is so fun <3

meh meh….


what more can i say? xD

ah~~ i want to hear Lead new single already ><

so sad there’s 4 versions again DX

but lololol! they are gonna resing virgin blue LOLOL.

i wonder why keke. xD i want them to resing Only You Can Hurt Me instead XDDDD or even Manatsu no Magic O_O;;;;;

that’s like. 8 years ago XDDDDD so funny HAHA.~


My friend will probably be all -__-; HAHA. Cause i even made this layout only B2ST :D yay.

I have been into BEAST wayyy too much recently ! My other blog is full of them =D.. Well mostlyspazzing about Junhyung & Doojoon x] But of course Beast is in it tooooooo!!! hahaha.

But yeah just a short update. I know i shouldn’t ditch this blog but heckkkk. Ameblo is just a lot of fun :D アメブロ最高!マジだよ!

I am thinking of moving the cbox to ameblo too o_o; LOL. Yeah… :D

Oh gosh i was just rereading some blogs here. Hahaha gosh! The stickam posts are def funniest >D I miss talking to Keitan! But we rarely even talk now at skype rofl.

I was able to meet Teru again from Ian. I was at this skype convo with some people and Ian just added me rofl. And then he found out I know Teru from stickam i guess? xD Never talked to that Ian before, however got to talk to Teru again cuz of him :D Which was immediately the first time I talk to Ian XD

I also talked to Ryoma and Jeffrey. Interesting people like always. But i envy Jeffrey for being able to talk in Japanese rofl! Gosh! His Japanese sounds just good haha. Sad his English isn’t that much better LOL. And i can’t understand mandarin -0- He understand Cantonese though rofl. darn him XD Yet he lives in Canada. Heck LOL.

After that, I still talk to Lena and Ginny. Not a lot. But sometimes. Def more than those Japanese guys hahaa. I did make some female friends.. However. I only talked one or twice, and then I never meet them again -_-; The heck, how did that happen ! LOL. Oh well…

Oh everyone is like starting a fanfic lately? I want to start one too rofl. I have some ideas.. No idea how I will develop that.. I have way too many fanfics open anyway…… LOL. One shot? Should I try that? I don’t know if I am able too though… Mwoya Ankie!

Shall sleep now :)


damn. i haven’t been here for such a longtime :D
it’s still up wooooow =D

gotta change the layout and then ditch it for some time again
The smilies are still ugh =X
oh well :]

gotta make a quick weird layout :D cuz i don’t wanna see Wonbin up there with FTI when he isnt in FTI anymore DDDD: so sad!



random as ever :)




Tadokoro Haruhiko (田所治彦)
First single Message
Release date: 10/29/2009
Format: MP3
Size: 12,6mb
Download: Link
I have included pictures of the cd, but I didn’t scan it. Instead I used a digital camera ^^;

o1. Message
o2. Arigatou (ありがとう)

This guy is a new artist who is known as Tadoharu by his fans or just Haru(-kun/-chan). He has a live up every monday at from 23:00 to 03:00, Japanese time. Uh yeah, in case you didn’t notice he is a Japanese guy :D ahha. The CD is ripped by myself. My friend wanted to hear the single, so I though I shall share this. Because this guy is practically unknown to the international world. He is a very friendly guy, and very cheerful as well. He likes to sing, so he sings a lot in his lives. He also like doing the Psychologic tests, but since I don’t understand Japanese well enough, I never really answer to those :D

It’s been some time again!

Today I have received my C.N.Blue cd~! Yatta! :D

PICT6459it looks so awesome!

Though I gotta say the cdjacket is WAY way WAYYYY too small!
Just 4 solo pic and that’s it! DX






Now or Never event in Club Asia P in Tokyo. Well.. it’s over anyway XD


I have listened to the songs and gosh ! I really like Just please and Teardrops in the rain ! <3

nothing in particularrrr.

just wanted to say that out loud. OMFG. Read the rest of this entry »

Deng Shen Me
written by Weiyu hahaha ^^

Choc7 has some cute members hahah Weiyu, Ah Ben and of course Maodi ! XD
If you remember I wrote something about Ah Ben and Maodi before hahaha<3
WeiYu I haven’t yet haha.

Eh more like because… I don’t know anything about Weiyu D:


But he is cute 8D

Other than that i am okay with the song.
I am only for Ah Ben, Maodi and Weiyu.. xD HAHAHA.

Whhenever they sing move move.. i though they sang woof woof HAHAHA LMAO.

Anyway hohoho~ I don’t really know all of their members now XD so uh. not everyone is included in the tag hahaha XD

I gotta finish 18 jin bu jin xD hahaha. ah ben ! <3

Lately I have been stickamming a LOT.

I guess it has been a lot of fun thats why :D

After last monday I have met new people too ^-^ Etou— let’s see. Hide, Ryoma, Chicchikun, Keitan, Sakito, Peke and some more loooool. I have been talking to Hide and Lena alot LOL. But they are fun ^0^ Oh oh and Hide looks a LOOOOOOT like Ohno from Arashi…. :O sou sou sou ! When I first saw him he look a bit like Hankyung from Super Junior, the second he look a LOOOT more like Ohno. He is a jealous guy :D funny guy 8D XD Keitan is friends with Ryuya and Peke but he is really nice though LOL. I wonder how he looks like XD Ryoma is a fun guy to talk too haha. I have lots of fun when talking to him hahah. Same to Umetan. But he has been disappearing a lot or we just talked to him for less than 5 minutes lmao. But last time we talked over 10minute that was pretty surprising ROFLMAO. Sakito is also friends with Ryuya and people. xD I don’t know him well but he is nice i guess?LOL. Chicchikun is a pretty weird guy but he is funny too. Though he said the fcuk word a lot. -0- I keep telling him to stop with that but he doesn’t listen T_T saaad. Peke.. uhh he is nice i guess? XD I don’t talk to him a lot. Like how he and some guy keep saying bad about Ryuya in English :D Or was that not Peke? Well Keitan did that for sure kekeke. OHyeah i met that Karashi guy lmao. He looks like Hiraoka Yuuta !! D: loool. He seem like a nice guy to me hahaha. but lies a lot i guess XD

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IU – Missing Child

I really like this song for some reason x] Recently I have been listening to this song and a few other songs, which I will blog about too later on.
The video is really good too *__* Haha. It’s so different, and I kinda like this kind of style mv too xD
So horrorish in a way and so beautiful ^-^

The first IU’s mv I have seen was Boo. I wasn’t really impressed or anything though.

A few days later I have seen a video of her and Sanghyun singing Lies from Bigbang.
I really like the style she was singing there :D
Then I saw this as a related videos so I clicked ^-^ This was really a good song !

She should sing more song of this style XD

Anyway I have yet to download her album roflmao.

HAHAHA. i forgot something. lena found a cute guy who was on live xD aaaaaaaaaaaaaand we were just stalking him since you don’t have to appear in the chat :D aaaanyway. after thinking after a looooooooooong time we decided to go in. I went in first because she got scared XD so i appeared and the guy and his friend were all like ohh konbanwaa! etc etc.

So I just introduced my self and said i from Hong Kong but living in Netherlands ww. so they got all WOOOOW. xD everyone in the chat too. And I appear to be the only one who used my own accoutn and everyone was using an alias (green alien). and then lena also appeared ww.

HAHA. AND THEN TADO HARU SANG A SONG ROFLMAO. aaaand like he used me in his song. HAHA. THIS WAS SO AWESOME HAHAHA. I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing HAHA. IT WAS SO CUTE ROFL. i can’t really remember the lyrics but i def remember he said Snowy and oranda HAHAHAHA. <3 love him. His friend was playing the guitar while he sings. and i gotta say he has some cute voice *__* keke. through out the live he keep singing andsaying random stuff rofl. at the end lena also went on cam and she got some attention too.. from the friend ! LOL. haha. but it was cuteee. the guys. hahahaha.  Supposely he was in delicious gakuin. but i dunno i didn’t watch it. i should >D hmm but i doubt i will see him. because i prob would forget him and just look at shin =X LOL.

uwaaaa. and he is only 21 years old ^-^ I kind of found out about his tanjoubi~! 1987 oct 5 9. hmmm well i think he said 5. sen kyu hachijuu nana~ juu gatsu~ and then i think he said go ka. tabun ne~ hai hai hai~ i guess he said 9 XDDDD  kyuu ka…… xD

shall catch his live later again ne~! keke


talk to meh in zeh cbox<3

Don't forget to talk ne ;D? hahaha. :D


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